Red Light Contour Therapy

Red Light Contour Therapy

Contour Light delivers both red light (635nm) and near infrared light (880nm) via high-powered, surface mount microchip LEDs that are imbedded into a soft and flexible pad. The pads can be easily applied to any area of the face or body, conforming to the contours of a patient’s treatment area, and allowing the light source to be as close to the skin as possible.

Contour Light’s proprietary reflective coating means that light that would normally bounce off the skin and dissipate, is captured and reflected back into the skin, resulting in a much higher retention of light energy than with other similar devices. Because this proprietary reflective coating is only available with Contour Light, there is no other LED-based system available on the market that delivers and retains more light energy. The Contour Light system provides maximum absorption of light for better measurable results.

The Contour Light treatment is safe, painless and non-invasive. In fact, it is quite comfortable and soothing. Unlike ultrasound, radio frequency, laser light and freezing treatments, LED-based therapies do not cause cellular damage. As a matter of fact, multiple clinical studies have shown that LED and near infrared light therapy promotes a natural healing response within the cells.

The Contour Light System has delivered impressive results for patients looking for body contouring (circumferential reduction), pain relief, and increased blood circulation. Contour Light is a popular and highly sought after wellness treatment, that is comfortable, easy to administer, and produces consistent measurable results.

Red light therapy is a non-invasive technology that enhances healthy cell life and generation. Our flexible pad based system provides a safer, healthier and more enjoyable experience for patients, when compared to other body sculpting machines on the market today. It can be used on most parts of the body, head to the toes, though the eyes should be protected from its ultra bright lights. Goggles are recommended.

Skin Rejuvenation

Red light therapy encourages accelerated healing and skin rejuvenation. Studies indicate that by increasing fibroblast production in the skin, generating collagen and elastin, it produces a supportive and tightening effect that improves the look and feel of the skin.

Red light therapy also helps increase circulation between blood and tissue cells and stimulates a healing response in the skin. Studies show that red light therapy leads to improvement in wound healing, and conditions like rosacea, acne and scarring. With red light treatment, cells become stronger and healthier, are better able to respond to damage, and actively rejuvenate themselves.

Accelerated skin healing: See study here.

Skin rejuvenation: See study here.

Inflammation Reduction and Pain Management

Much of the pain and discomfort in the body is caused by inflammation. Red light therapy produces healthy anti-inflammatory effects that reduce pain and boost healthy immune responses throughout the body. Numerous studies have proven that the combination of 635nm and 880nm wavelengths improve blood and lymphatic circulation, thus reducing inflammation and cleansing the body of free radicals. Red light therapy has been effectively used to treat arthritis and other forms of joint and muscle pain.

See study here.

Brain Related Issues

Targeted studies for applications using red light therapy for the brain and eyes are ongoing for treatment of TBI, macular degeneration, Alzheimers, and other brain related issues.

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See study here.


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